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Omni-Channel Customer Service

Provide seamless customer support for Moltin orders across all channels by leveraging Zendesk's Support Suite combined with Particular.'s Customer Service Plugin. The industry's leading solution to improve consumer experiences across not just their purchase, but throughout their full lifecyle with your brand.

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Unified Support Interface

The Particular. Customer Service solution allows agents to quickly view order history and order details, search orders, lookup orders by customer, and view shipping & payment transaction status. It also allows agents to quickly process payments on behalf of customers, issue refunds and cancellations directly, as well as providing quick re-order and net new order-on-behalf of in a secure, PCI compliant environment!

Improve Your Full Customer Experience Lifecycle

Most retailers realize the importance of improving customer experience as a key differentiator for growth, but many still have less than optimal customer service experiences. The Moltin APIs enable seamless, native customer support inside of Zendesk for improving customer experience throughout various types of issue resolution.


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Happier agents lead to happier customers!

Drastically improve Agent efficiency in handling most common day-to-day tasks

Native Zendesk UI
Natively integrated plugin allows full set of Commerce customer support functions without ever leaving the Zendesk interface. This avoids agents having to toggle between multiple applications and re-enter data, costing valuable time.
Instant Search
Instant Search
Real-time search allows agents to rapidly lookup and filter customer orders as well as search alternate email addresses. Instant search also allows rapid additions of new products to order capture turning support into a powerful sales channel.
Secure Order Processing
Agents can help customers with failed payments, process refunds, and allow quick order capture within a PCI compliant, secure environment. Leverage vaulted customer payment methods to rapidly support rich order processing features.

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