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Flows is the custom commerce framework

Streamline, orchestrate and simplify complex fit-for-purpose business logic with pinpoint control, in real-time.

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The framework,
in 4 simple steps

Small, discreet & maintainable custom business logic, designed by you.

1. Define and extend your data schema

2. Configure your events

3. Write serverless functions or use an example

4. Test & deploy

Moltin talks custom data

Join Jonathan and Jamie as they discuss how you can leverage custom data to extend Moltin and enhance your commerce applications and backend integrations.



Build brand new resource schemas for your store from our backend. Choose from the range of field types to assemble and structure your data to match your needs.

Create content blocks
If you’re looking for a lightweight way to enable non-technical members of your team update specific content areas within your application, leverage Flows to create simple, manageable content blocks.
Create a simple blog
Need to spin up a simple blog and don’t have the time to integrate another blog provider or system? Define your own blog schema directly from Moltin and move faster. Learn more  
Create a wishlist
Create a wide range of commerce functionality that does not exist out of the box like wishlists and personalization. Learn more  
Store anything
Most APIs and ecommerce platforms are incredibly rigid in terms of what data they allow you to store which makes then extremely inflexible. We realise the value of custom data and enable you to store anything. Learn more  
Extend resources


Easily build on top of the data schema for existing resources to meet your use cases unique requirements and enable seamless integrations with third-party providers.

Adapt your product schema
Tailor your product schema to match your catalog's data, enable fine-grained SEO controls, set flags and more. Learn more  
Enhance your customer profile
Need to add more customer-specific information to aid your personalization efforts? No problem, Flows has you covered! Learn more  
Extend the order schema
Enable seamless integration with order tracking, fulfillment process and other downstream providers. Learn more  
Unleash your imagination
We’re always surprised by the new and innovative ways in which our customers use Flows, therefore custom data is supported on the majority of our core resources.
Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 10.20.39


Once you’ve got your resource schema defined, relate your resources together to enable richer use cases and integrations.

Link new resources
Link a newly created wishlist schema to core product and customer resources.
Integrate and snapshot
Take data from third-party providers and store it directly inside a custom flow for fast and simple reference-ability.
Streamline checkout logic


Synchronise your custom data through the checkout process. At the cart level from carts to orders or at a more granular level from products to cart items and order items.



Easily handle system wide, real time events, build processes and downstream effects to orchestrate your technology stack and business logic.

Structured data

Moltin provides more than your typical key-value pairs when it comes to storing custom data. With multiple field types and out of the box validation you can roll out your schema to meet the needs of your eCommerce project, fast.

Titles, names, descriptions
Times, opening hours, dates
ID, counts, quantities
1-to-1 link between resources
Rating, distance, percentages
Images, videos, PDFs etc.
True or false, yes or no, 1 or 0
Link 1-to-many resources

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