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With Moltin’s API-first platform, you get a suite of tools to enable commerce in any channel, device or experience. 

All the features you need to build innovative commerce applications


Product inventory management API

A successful store starts with well-organized product data. With Moltin's inventory management system, you can create and manage simple or advanced product matrices, assign stock levels, set prices and organize products into categories, collections and more. 


Shopping cart API

Secure cross-platform carts and checkout functionality are key to a trustworthy commerce journey. Moltin's cart and checkout logic gives you persistent cloud-based carts, accessible from any device to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. 

order management API

Order management API

Work smarter with a streamlined checkout flow and order management system. Easily convert your carts to orders with real-time synchronization between all of your sales channels resulting in increased conversion rates. 

payments graphic

Payments API

Supporting you from your first transaction to your millionth and beyond, with aggregation of all the major payment gateways into one universal API, as well as the ability to switch gateways in minutes.

schema graphic

Schema API

Being able to customize content in your store is crucial therefore with Moltin's schema API, you're able to create new or extend existing custom data models that can be organized and structured to meet your exact requirements. 


Use Moltin's feature-rich store management dashboard to easily manage your store and all of its data from one place. Control inventory, orders, store settings and more without any technical knowledge and watch your sales accelerate.

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