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Next.js eCommerce

Create a beautiful commerce experience using the universal server-rendered Next.js framework. Build a storefront powered by the Moltin JS SDK, optimized for Next.js.

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Why use Next.JS for eCommerce?

Next.js uses all of the great parts that React brings you and makes it even simpler to get your eCommerce store up and running.

Reusable components
Scale and expand your shopping experience with easy by re-using your code components throughout your eCommerce store.
Website performance
Website performance is key to eCommerce success. Using React's Virtual DOM, you get a very efficient way to update and speed up page loads which improves SEO and customer experience.
SEO friendly
Server-side rendering and static exporting guarantees SEO-friendliness and makes your website pages easy for Google to crawl and
Automatic code-splitting
Next.js provides automatic code-splitting out of the box, sending minimal code required to provide value upfront and therefore improving page-load times.
Next.js SDK

SDK optimized for Next.js

With an SDK optimized for Next.js and a rich feature set at your fingertips, power your inventory, carts, categorization, search, checkout and more.

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Get started in minutes

Easily get up and running with the Next.js demo store on Zeit Now in a few minutes with a one-click deploy button.

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Next.js eCommerce tutorial

Follow along and build a Next.js store with Moltin. Learn how to display products, place orders and handle customer authentication using the Moltin JavaScript SDK.


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Moltin integrations

Integrate with any tool

Moltin combined with React and Next.js connects with an array of third-party APIs.  

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Freedom to develop an awesome eCommerce UI with Next.js

Moltin takes care of the backend logic so you can concentrate on providing an unforgettable frontend commerce experience using React. 

Build your Next.js store without the heavy setup and boilerplate.
Lightening Fast
Client side, server-rendered and static rendered stores are easy with Next.js
Payment ready
Accept payments via the JavaScript SDK directly inside your React application.
secure-1 Our implicit grant type ensures clients can not make destructive actions.

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