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Developer Guides

A collection of guides on how to build with Moltin. Also see Developer Concepts.

14 Jun 2019

Store data form third party integration with Flows

Store nexus locations from a tax calculation service using Flows.

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Joanna Suau
in Flows | Integrations
10 Jun 2019

Integrate Apple Pay with Swift

This is a walkthrough of implementing an Apple Pay into an existing IOS app.

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George FitzGibbons
in Integrations | Payments
07 Jun 2019

Integrate Payment Request API with Moltin

This is a walkthrough on how to integrate Payment Request API with Moltin.

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Jonathan Steele
in Integrations | Payments
06 Jun 2019

Integrate TaxJar with Moltin

Add tax to items in your cart and calculate taxes using TaxJar that provides a sales tax API for developers to get calculations for products.

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Andrew Waters
in Taxes | Integrations
01 May 2019

Create a short order ID with webhooks

This example demonstrates how you can create short order IDs using Moltin webhooks.

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Jamie Barton
in Webhooks | Integrations | Orders