AngularJS eCommerce

Our commerce APIs paired with AngularJS give you the power to easily create and integrate a beautiful commerce experience.

Why use AngularJS for eCommerce

AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary, resulting in an expressive, readable and quick to develop environment for your store.

Data binding
Data binding gives you an automatic way of updating view changes. You don't have to worry about things like DOM manipulation, leaving you with more time to work on the things you care about.
Plain JavaScript
Models used by AngularJS are plain JAvaScribt, therefore making your code easy to test, maintain, reuse and free from boilerplates.
Reusable components
Focus on what the app does or how it looks separately thanks to AngularJS reusable components.
Use AngularJS' locale aware filters as building blocks to ensuring your application is available anywhere.
SDK optimization

SDK optimized for AngularJS

With an SDK optimized for Angular and a rich feature set at your fingertips, power your inventory, carts, categorization, search, checkout and more.

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Get started quickly

Build with Moltin using Ionic and Angular in this example progressive web application.

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Integrate with any third-party tool

Moltin combined with AngularJS connects with an array of 3rd party APIs.

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Frontend freedom with Moltin’s customization and Angular’s flexibility.
Lightning Fast
Remove middleman servers and connect clients directly to our backend.
Payment ready
Choose and implement your preferred provider from the most popular payment gateways.
Our implicit grant type ensures clients can not make destructive actions.

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