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Maison de Fleurs

Luxury events florist focusing on supreme client expertise and producing custom floral masterpieces.

Maison de Fleurs

Maison de Fleurs: Helping their digital commerce experience to bloom

Who they are

Maison de Fleurs is a luxury events florist, established in 2002, that focuses on supreme client expertise as well as producing custom floral masterpieces. Historically the business was known for delivering services to other businesses, however, the boutique florist wanted to move into lifestyle and B2C work – a fiercely competitive market.

Natasha the owner approached Greenlight in June 2017 to help expand their digital offering to customers, with a focus on content and lifestyle engagement.

Market: UK and Europe
Industry: Florist


Their objectives

  • Deliver an engaging and visually attractive eCommerce site in time for the industry’s peak trading period, without compromising on the brand and luxury experience for their customers.
  • Ensure the site is user-friendly, accessible to their audience, optimized for SEO and would allow for the easy execution of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Identify the Maison de Fleurs customer.
  • Create tone of voice and brand guidelines for consistency of brand messaging and future marketing strategies.
  • Create and support a digital engagement roadmap over 24 months that will deliver business growth.

Their challenges

  • They currently only deliver their arrangements inside London.
  • Due to the niche nature of the business and small team, they are able to only make a limited number of arrangements each day.
  • Their biggest income is from events such as corporate dos and weddings. This meant the website needed to be able to adapt to allow them to pause orders during these busy periods.

“Moltin is leading the way in API-first commerce, so when we needed a flexible solution that allowed us to quickly deliver an experience-first approach for our client, Maison de Fleurs, there was only one choice!”

Kevin Murray , Managing Director at Greenlight

The strategy

The client wanted a new site that facilitated a journey to showcase their product, luxury flowers, in a way that maximized creative visuals and delighted their clientele. They were already using Drupal, an open source web content management platform, which they wanted to retain, with minimal disruption through the build process. Rather than using a commerce framework that limited them to using “run of the mill” templates, Greenlight felt they could use a microservices solution that meant there’d be no limitations of the customer journey and that commerce transactions could “weave” seamlessly throughout the customer experience. For Greenlight there was only one choice, Moltin.

This was down to three major factors:

  1. Moltin’s ability to flex and be molded into the look, feel and structure of an existing brochureware site.
  2. The ability to plug into that site due to its API led nature.
  3. Maison de Fleurs has a smaller range of SKUs and less volume of transactions than enterprise level sites meaning easy implementation.

This allowed Greenlight to quickly deliver a highly aesthetic experience that they call “Creative-driven Commerce” where the experience is the focus of the journey and is not restricted by the constraints of out-of-the-box transactional templates.

They used their Data Management Platform (DMP) to better understand the Maison de Fleurs audience. The DMP gathers first-party site visitor data (e.g. on-site search, CRM data, visited pages), and overlays it with third-party data (e.g. behavioral data, interested, demographics). Greenlight’s experts then analyzed this data to give insights into Maison de Fleurs’ customers. Insights include socio-demographics, online behaviors and first-party affinities).

Greenlight knew that their customers were likely to be from Russia, China or the Middle East and have English as their second language so it was important to make sure copy was plain and easily digestible, whilst embodying the desirability of the brand.

They used these insights to create work that spoke clearly and consistently to the people Maison de Fleurs need to reach.


  • Delivered significant business growth for the company
  • On track to achieve ROI by end of first year
  • Organic data has improved 383% since site became transactional in September 2017
  • Overall activity has increased 1027.84%

Future plans

Greenlight continues to help Maison de Fleurs with technical support to further develop the website. They also help produce content for new product launches, which includes the editing of any new product photos and copy.

There are plans in the pipeline to launch a blog to provide opportunities to create highly engaging and visual content to further appeal to potential and existing customers, as well as to optimise the site for SEO.

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