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Flora Miranda

Taking away all restrictions in fashion to create a real expression of personality.

Flora Miranda

Flora Miranda: Data driven commerce made easy with Moltin

Their challenge

To generate and sell custom garments by marrying your social behavior to the most beautiful designs.

Market: Europe
Industry: Fashion


Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer, based in Antwerp, Belgium. She focuses her work around the human being, the body, senses and perception, either in actual or virtual reality. She aims to take away all restrictions in fashion to create a real expression of personality and self. Freedom of expression is what she stands for, creating new ideas and visions, rather than orienting on market requirements. Flora Miranda is a powerful brand, hitting back from government abuse of personal data powerfully by creating personable fashion that makes a statement. “Facing government and corporation’s abuse of our personal data, we should give back power to the individual and create with our newly built tools responsibly and to the fullest beauty!”

IT Pieces is an online design tool created by Flora that produces individualized, made to order street wear, based on your digital footprint. You simply use the website to ‘scan yourself’ which takes inspiration from platforms such as social media site, Facebook, and your online behavior marries with the design chosen to create a piece custom to you. With ITP, Flora creates an absolutely functional and applied solution in the fashion–technology sector.

“Moltin was a great fit for the project, because it’s very customizable.”

Matteo De Wint , Web Developer, Flora Miranda Development Team

What Moltin did

When looking for a webshop to make this vision possible, Matteo wanted a fully flexible API which would guarantee they could use any design or language they wanted. Moltin is an API-first commerce platform, meaning Matteo and the team were able to design the site from the bottom up, linking every part of the website and programming it in any way they want - taking away the unnecessary bulk and of a pre-designed template.

Another key factor for Matteo was the fact Moltin is so developer-friendly and easy to use. The documentation Moltin gave was clear and detailed ensuring the API was consistently easy to use throughout the process. Moltin really saved a lot of time in the development process, it would have been crazy to have to implement this myself.”


The build of the website as a whole took Matteo and his team a few months in total working part-time, however, the integration of Moltin was only a fraction of this time, showing just how quick and easy it is to implement. Technically, the frontend of the website is a React app, hosted on S3, The backend is a server-less application written in Python, and it runs on AWS Lambda and API gateway.

Seeing fashion merge so seamlessly with technology is an exciting advance in the fashion world. At Moltin, we believe that with personalization at the forefront of consumers’ minds, innovative new technologies such as the marriage of online behavior and the clothes we wear may just be the start.

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