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Enable the Label

Needed to find an online platform that would serve the products of their fashion labels to the Dutch market in a unique, inspiring, low-risk and user-convenient way.

Enable the Label - product detail

Enable the Label: Selling unique fashion items in a unique way

Who is Enable the Label?

 Enable the Label, as the name suggests, was founded with the objective of enabling upcoming fashion labels from Europe’s largest fashion cities to be able to sell their products easily online. 

Market: Europe
Industry: Fashion


To get their business off the ground, Enable the Label needed to find an online platform that would serve the products of their fashion labels to the Dutch market in a unique, inspiring, low-risk and user-convenient way. As a result, their fashion-conscious customer-base would experience a smooth and convenient checkout process when buying the exclusive, one-of-a-kind fashion items they desire from the platform.

Their challenge

When looking for a solution, the founders of Enable the Label had a number of requirements to fulfill with the chosen solution:

  • A fully customizable shopping experience with no template or site structure dependencies.
  • No dependencies on frontend technologies.
  • No channel or device restrictions so they are able to expand their use cases in future.
  • A platform that is solid and reliable.
  • Ability to integrate multiple services in the architecture without interference or dependencies between the services.
  • Good scalability for the future.

“I believe that every company that wants to set-up a successful eCommerce business should have complete freedom in building the best eCommerce experience for their end consumer and should not be limited on flexibility, scalability or on customer touch points. The headless approach Moltin provides unmatched flexibility and is very easy to scale and integrate with other services. That’s what makes Moltin a great building block for any eCommerce project in my opinion. “

Matt Hamers , Web Developer at Enable the Label

The approach

Matt Hamers, Web Developer of Enable the Label was actually new to web development at the start of the project. Enable the Label was his partner’s idea and he wanted to put his newly-found coding skills to the test by building the online platform for the business.

From the beginning, Matt knew he wanted a headless commerce backend system which made the search for a solution easier as there are very few headless systems that offer a wide selection of commerce features. Upon finding Moltin, Matt knew this was the right choice for him and his beginner-level development skills for the following reasons:

  • The solution provided great documentation, even for beginner developers.
  • He found a very helpful Moltin video tutorial series on how to set up a demo store with NextJS, ReactJS, and Moltin;
  • A lot of out of the box implementations were easy to set-up. For example Enable the Label uses the Moltin + Postmark integration for emails and is looking to add Algolia in the future for search functionality.

Matt also appreciated the “best of breed” mindset of Moltin, as it gave him the flexibility and recommendations to use best-in-class solutions for different parts of his commerce technology stack and integrate them seamlessly via the Moltin APIs while still being able to use each service independently.

With Moltin, Enable the Label built a headless eCommerce web application built with ReactJS, NextJS, and NodeJS that was fully powered by the Moltin eCommerce APIs.



  1. Fast development timeline - Although Matt only had six months experience of coding, it took him, single-handedly, only 10 weeks to build their application!
  2. Reviews - Although still a brand new site and experience, they have received lots of feedback from the labels themselves, their first customers, colleague developers, press and influencers who were very positive about the full product experience that Enable the Label has managed to create with Moltin.
  3. Expandable and scalable - They have further projects on their roadmap that Moltin allows them to fulfil including a progressive web application dashboard where labels can view their orders, manage stock levels, generate packing notes and see statistics about the engagement of their label.


Would Enable the Label recommend Moltin to others?

“Definitely! For me as a Junior developer, I won’t say that it was easy to build a commerce platform from scratch, but Moltin definitely made it a lot easier for me. Their rock solid features together with the clear documentation and the incredible support from the support team enabled me as a Junior Developer to build an eCommerce platform that is reliable, safe and easy to scale in only 10 weeks.” - Matt Hamers, Web Developer, Enable the Label

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