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We exist to empower those that are
changing the way the world shops.

What people are saying

“We were ready to move fast and get creative,
and Moltin was the right partner to make it happen.”

Paul Zaengle
EVP of Direct-to-Consumer at Stance

Stance: Seamless in-store self-checkout

Stance wanted to eliminate lines with their self-checkout experience, allowing guests to skip the line and check out using their own smart phone, no app required. 

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Zenhomes: Taking the pain out of property management

Zenhomes leveraged Moltin to develop a B2B one-stop-shop for private landlords and property managers. Their platform sells services, digital documents and templates to make property & tenant management easy and smart.


Flora Miranda: Data-driven commerce made easy with Moltin

Generating and selling custom garments by marrying your social behavior to the most beautiful designs.

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The Business Journals: Digital and print publications at scale

Serving over 43 different markets with a rapidly growing library of unique publications, The Business Journals required an eCommerce solution that seamlessly integrated with their publication software & subscription billing service.

Remarkable site

reMarkable: Multiple currencies & payment options

The reMarkable team are true innovators and are the first company to create a digital notepad that feels like real paper. reMarkable launched a full-fledged commerce experience and migrated from a pre-order platform to Moltin in under 8 weeks with 1 frontend developer. reMarkable developed a modern, tailored React application on top of the Moltin APIs that seamlessly integrated with their fulfillment engine. reMarkable has continued to iterate and evolve the customer experience by offering new currencies, payment methods and product lines.


Yamba Health: When content and commerce meet

Commerce and content combined to deliver a stroy-driven shopping experience for customers.


Kinn Home: Creating new shopping journeys

A dinnerware set purchasing experience like no other. An intuitive frontend application and stylistic display and configuration of the set through to cart and checkout, with the option to try before you buy. If one customer journey wasn't enough, customers can take a short quiz and answer a series of short questions to build their perfect dinnerware set.


Enable the Label: Aggregating fashion labels

This innovative online platform brings fashion labels to the Dutch market.  They needed to find an eCommerce solution that would combine creative story-telling and shopping experience in a unique, inspiring and user-convenient way.

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Maison de Fleurs: Helping their digital commerce experience to bloom

Expanding their digital offering to customers, with a focus on content and lifestyle engagement.

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Buying farming equipment online or in bulk has never been easier. By leveraging Moltin, Agridepot is able to easily handle bulk pricing and discounts to accelerate their business.


City Row: Taking the rowing workout to the next level

City Row created the industry-leading, custom rower to elevate their customers' workout experience. Paired with the City Row mobile application and subscription service they enable customers to experience classes catering to every fitness level from the comfort of their own home. City Row are expanding into physical locations with a franchise model and a class booking system.


Mimeo Photos:
seamless checkout

Mimeo Photos offers a streamlined, integrated shopping experience through their native macOS application. This enables their customers to purchase customized products directly from the desktop without having to upload photos via a web interface.


Avicanna: Scientific CBD pioneers

With the explosive growth of the CBD industry, Avicanna gets out a head by leveraging Moltin as their commerce engine paired with fit for purpose business rules to securely and legally sell CBD products in accordance with state and federal law.


Moxie Group: Bringing "best of breed" commerce architecture to the outdoors

With such a new and unique vision for a company in the outdoors industry, Moxie Group needed to find a technology that fit their client's customizable bill.

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