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Moltin vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Don't settle for cookie cutter commerce experiences.
This is commerce, your way.

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Free yourself from restrictive APIs and rigid templating engines. Moltin works with any programming language or framework.
Integrate with anything
Integrate directly with best of breed services and wrap our APIs with business logic that is fit for purpose.
Express your brand
Stand out from the crowd with a totally custom commerce frontend that you control and own.
Commerce building blocks
With Moltin only use the services that you need and none of the bloat that comes with a traditional platform.

Loved by these brands...

“Moltin was a great fit for the project, because it’s very customizable.”

Matteo De Wint , Web Developer, Flora Miranda Development Team

Hierarchical Categories

Truly manage, organise and nest your catalog structure accurately. No need for additional plugins to nest your collections to create your navigation structure. 

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Global Payments

Moltin aggregates the top payment gateways out of the box into a single endpoint. Integrate directly with any payment gateway on the planet or create your own custom payment process with our manual gateway.

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Sell anywhere

Benefit from a range of open source projects, examples, integrations and more to kickstart your project, fast. No matter where you decide to sell.

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Custom Data

Tailor Moltin to your needs with more than just basic key value pairs. Extend existing custom data models or create entirely new ones that can be organized and structured to meet your exact requirements with our EAV system, Flows.

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Simple, transparent pricing

Enabling everything from small stores, to huge enterprise implementations, Moltin scales to fit your needs. You'll never need to set up a plethora of add-ons or run and maintain costly backend servers.
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Enterprise grade commerce for everyone

Following industry best practices and OAuth 2.0 to securely access your store data. Utilize our implicit grant type to securely build pure, lightweight front-end experiences.
Lightning Fast
Every mili-second counts, power your eCommerce stores with sub 100ms response times thanks to robust edge caching.
High Throughput
API rate limits can stop your applications and integrations dead, leading to huge headaches. At Moltin we provide high throughput access to our APIs that can scale up to meet your exact requirements.
Clean consistent APIs
Onboard your developers in no time with a low barrier to entry thanks to our high quality APIs and documentation.

Let's build something amazing with Moltin

Setup your turn key backend in seconds.

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