Moltin vs Magento: evaluating the right solution for your business

More Magento customers are moving to Moltin than any other commerce solution due to the unmatched flexibility, speed, and control Moltin provides. The resources below will help you decide if Moltin may be the right fit for your business.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Magento

Every Commerce Solution is different, and it’s important to find the right solution to fit your business needs. Therefore, we’ve summed up when Magento will most likely meet your eCommerce requirements and when it won’t.

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Cost of Magento

Cut TCO (total cost of ownership) with Moltin

Magento Community Edition is open source, so it’s technically free,  but the real total cost of ownership can be much higher. Magento Enterprise has its own TCO nuances that are important to understand. For many customers, Moltin can unlock the opportunity to dramatically cut your overall TCO. Check out this Magento TCO analysis to get a sense for how much you could save.

“We were ready to move fast and get creative, and Moltin was the right partner to make it happen.”

Paul Zaengle
Paul Zaengle, EVP Director of Consumer, Stance

Boost website performance by 37% with Moltin

Every millisecond of page load time has a material impact on your eCommerce business. Every Commerce Solution has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the known challenges with Magento is that Magento-powered websites are notoriously slow.

By leveraging our modern stack, you can optimize your store with ease as you’re not restricted to particular programming languages, themes, or templates - meaning you’re empowered to implement the technologies and tools that you know and love on top of our modern, API architecture, which results in an average of 37% increase in site speed compared to Magento.

"Moltin has enabled us to build a 100% custom eCommerce store in only a few weeks. With a custom solution we have been able to continuously integrate and achieve high conversion rates. On top of that, their ability to provide best in class support is a big bonus."

Sigurd Gran-Jensen , Founder and VP Marketing, reMarkable

Decrease migration time from 3-7 months to under 35 days

Migrating from Magento to Moltin is typically shorter than migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and will immediately solve a lot of your existing Magento challenges. Your commerce project will run smoother and quicker, you’ll be able to integrate any third party service, and add as many microservices as you need.

Things to consider before moving to Magento 2

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Customize your checkout

Tailor your checkout experience to match your unique business model or complex business logic requirements. Good examples include; business services, manufactured goods, and controlled substances like alcohol, tobacco, weed, firearms, etc. Controlling your checkout is also required for those that need to adapt or A/B test and their checkout flow and provide a custom experience.

Extend existing custom data models or create entirely new ones that can be organized and structured to meet your exact requirements with our simple, system-wide and consistent EAV system, Flows.

Full control of checkout experience

Get full control of your commerce experience

With Moltin, only use the services that you need and none of the bloat that comes with a traditional platform.

Free yourself from restrictive APIs and rigid templating engines. Moltin works with any programming language or framework.

“Together we created a vision and pulled it off. No one knew what would happen if our client went with a headless platform. Moltin enabled the best-of-breed headless strategy and components being the glue to pull everything together, and has empowered the startup business to have both an impressive public facing e-commerce site and the tooling under them that usually only an enterprise would have.”

Shawn Quinn
Solutions Architect, Moxie Group

Move to modern, composable architecture

Deploy a modern, highly-performant technology stack thanks to the latest methodologies including serverless, micro-services, and JAMstack. Moltin is more than just headless or bolted-on APIs, Moltin focuses on delivering a suite of well balanced, customizable and abstracted core commerce Microservices. Orchestrate and integrate the Moltin microservices with other 3rd party best-of-breed solutions.

What people are saying

“Moltin enabled us to build an engaging customer experience with endless, overwhelming possibilities and without dependencies and limitations.“

Matt Hamers , Web Developer, Enable the Label

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