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Moltin vs Magento:
Which eCommerce solution is the best for your business?

More Magento customers are moving to Moltin than any other commerce solution due to the unmatched flexibility, speed, and control Moltin provides. 

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Don't Settle! Upgrade with a faster, more productive, and cost effective solution with Moltin

Choosing between the Magento eCommerce platform
and Moltin commerce service stack

Magento offers a traditional eCommerce platform that comes bundled together as an “all in one." 
✓Magento certified partner / team members needed
✓Out-of-the-box funtionality
✓Rigid plugin extensions

Moltin offers a flexible and customizable commerce stack for your specific business requirements.
✓No specialist needed! Build with your code of choice
✓Customizable commerce stack
✓API-first functionality
Cost of Magento

Cut TCO (total cost of ownership) with Moltin

Magento Community Edition is open source, so it’s technically free, but the real total cost of ownership can be much higher. Magento Enterprise has its own TCO nuances that are important to understand. For many customers, Moltin can unlock the opportunity to dramatically cut your overall TCO. Check out this Magento TCO analysis to get a sense for how much you could save.


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Boost website performance by 37% with Moltin

Every millisecond of page load time has a material impact on your eCommerce business, and it's no secret that Magento-powered websites are notoriously slow because of their monolithic application. A solution with a decoupled microservices and API-first architecture like Moltin can help!

A decoupled architecture → A custom frontend or customer experience without having to constantly update the backend like on a monolithic application like Magento.

API-first approach → Quick and cutting edge integration of third party tools rather than using clunky, rigid plugins.

Website performance comparison 

Decrease migration time from 3-7 months to under 35 days

Migrating from Magento to Moltin is typically shorter than migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and will immediately solve a lot of your existing Magento challenges. Your commerce project will run smoother and quicker, you’ll be able to integrate any third party service, and add as many microservices as you need.

Things to consider before moving to Magento 2

Checkout the migration guide 

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Magento Migration Considerations: Best Practices from a Magento Certified Partner

Still running M1? Before taking the next step, watch our webinar with President of Konnexion, Eric Turcotte, to learn how to build and execute a successful migration strategy.

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