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New Solution Empowers Brands to Monetize Facebook and Instagram Audiences Right Inside Their Social Network

Last updated: 17 Apr 2019

Moltin introduces new out-of-the-box integrations with Facebook and Instagram to seamlessly extend eCommerce inventory and for consumers to transact natively within their favorite social network.

Boston, MA, USA - April 15, 2019 - Moltin, the only Commerce unPlatform, today announced the availability of the new Social Commerce solution, powering out-of-the-box integrations with Facebook and Instagram, to make it fast and easy for brands and retailers to seamlessly extend their eCommerce inventory to two of the leading social networks. With these new integrations, consumers can view and buy merchandise right within Facebook and Instagram, making it frictionless for brands and retailers to monetize consumers within these two leading social platforms.

Brands and retailers are under more pressure than ever to reach and engage consumers “where they are”, versus making someone come to a .com website to engage with a brand and buy the goods and services they want. Facebook has over 2.3 billion active monthly users and Instagram has 1 billion users, 500 million of which are active every day. These are massive networks that most brands have made major investments in building a presence on, but in large part have struggled to monetize these social audiences. With the new Social Commerce solution from Moltin, brands and retailers can now transact right within Facebook and Instagram, without any jarring experience for consumers that launches them out of their preferred social network and onto your site.

Benefits to consumers:

  • See it, love it, buy it - without ever leaving your favorite social network

Benefits to Brands and Retailers:

  • Manage inventory centrally, sell across multiple channels
  • Reduce barriers to transact with engaged consumers on social media

"Brands and retailers are focused on finding better ways to attract, engage, and convert potential consumers," said Jennia Williamson, Senior Product Manager at Moltin. "We build the Social Commerce solution so our customers can offer their consumers a better way to shop, by making it possible to buy natively right within their favorite social network. This solution expands their addressable market and removes barriers of conversion."

With the new Social Commerce solution, you can use the Moltin APIs to import your existing product catalog to your Facebook Shop. This allows you to display and sell your products directly through your Facebook page, while Moltin takes care of your inventory and automatically syncs product information across all channels plugged to the same catalog. Any changes you make will automatically appear in real-time across all your channels, including your social platforms.

To learn more about these new Social Commerce solution, take a look here.


About Moltin

Moltin provides the only Commerce unPlatform, delivered as Headless Commerce APIs and designed with the flexibility and speed to give builders what they want - complete control to build and deliver commerce their way. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative brands and retailers use Moltin to deliver the most innovative consumer experiences imaginable - spanning projects such as modern commerce websites, self checkout, IoT commerce, in-store kiosks, social media commerce, voice-enabled commerce, and more. If you are a builder looking to innovate, deliver ROI quickly, and you won’t settle for rigid, cookie-cutter commerce experiences, then Moltin is the right partner for you. To learn more visit Moltin.com.