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Damian, our designer, is at Creative South!

Troy University - Riverfront Campus, Phenix City, AL, USA
Event date:April 12 - 14, 2018
We’re super excited that our very own Designer, Damian Parker-Kidd, will be holding a workshop on grid-based logo design at Creative South this week.

There is an age old question; what came first the chicken or the egg? However you choose to answer this is entirely objective, the same can be asked about logo design. What comes first the grid or the concept? More specifically when designing logos using a grid, does the grid magically appear like the egg? Or is the ideation of a concept the chicken?

Some might say there is no sense designing a grid first, what use is a grid when you have no concept? A simple sketch is free flowing and can lead you anywhere, who’s to say you need a grid anyway? Grids have their benefits, they give consistency, structure, balance and a framework to build an idea upon. Like I said chicken or egg?

Join Damian for a logo grid workshop where he will be talking you through the benefits of using a grid, then down the wormhole of process, from ideation, to creation all the way to utilization.

Damian’s workshop is taking place in Block 3: 1pm - 3pm on Thursday, April 12.