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Bombinate: Countless Craftsmen, One Marketplace

Their challenge

Bombinate’s main challenge was being able to bring together the finest artisans and highest quality craftsmen into one platform to sell their products seamlessly via their own dashboard.

Market: Europe
Industry: Fashion


Launched in May 2017, Bombinate is a men’s fashion platform on a mission to showcase the highest quality products from Europe’s new generation of craftsmanship brands. They set out to create a marketplace with a difference, where each of their 30+ brands, from 7 different countries, can sell their products through their own personal supplier dashboard, allowing them to directly update their inventory on the live site. The motivation behind Bombinate is to bring together small, high quality, manufacturers into one curated platform with the optimal luxury customer experience.

The ‘Bombinate’ name comes from ‘bombination’ — the buzzing noise made by bees. Craftsmanship brands, just like honey bees, are the center of their ecosystem.

When looking for a commerce solution to fit their needs, Bombinate were in need of a seamless way for brands to easily integrate this platform into their workflow, whilst maintaining their own inventory levels and managing orders through Bombinate.

“Building startups requires a lot of flexibility in the underlying technologies. Moltin has been a great choice for this.”

James Merritt , Technology Director at Off Piste

What Moltin did

On the hunt for the best commerce options to suit its needs, Bombinate found a major flaw in many providers: lack of flexibility. Flexibility is key for this platform, leaving Moltin as the best key choice for their project. With the fashion industry being extremely fast-paced, many of their Bombinate’s brands are startups which need a platform that can keep up with the fast-changing technological requirements and the growth they are likely to encounter. Competitors to Moltin, such as Magento, lacked the ease of aiding the client in using their own technology stack and rather forced a strict programming language onto them, something this platform wished to avoid.

When evaluating Moltin, they were enticed by the total freedom the platform had to offer. This flexibility allowed them to add custom fields throughout the setup and allowed them to choose the tech stack that worked best for their unique needs. By using Moltin as their backend, Bombinate were able to use Node.JS, ReactJS, Postgres, AWS and Algolia as their personalized central tech stack.


The online store was created by Off Piste — a development agency who focus on building startups for non-technical founders. They worked with Bombinate from idea to release and, in total, the design and development stages took about four months.

Some of the benefits that Moltin contributed to their build were the following:

Flows — was used extensively to add their own custom features and adapt the platform to suit their needs. This included creating made-to-order products, which have a longer shipping time due to the fact that they are only crafted on a purchase is completed.

Webhooks — allows the platform to listen for changes on Moltin and distribute the new data directly to their other services used on the site. This means all third-party systems are updated in real-time, including Algolia, which powers their search functionality.

Flexibility — with Moltin, they can easily add new features mid-build without having to revisit any architectural choices. They’ve also been able to build and integrate their own payment system.

What’s next?

This is just the start for the Bombinate brand. After receiving 3,800 sign ups just from their pre-launch campaign we’re excited to see where they go next! Their longer-term goal is to double the number of brands on the platform and become the go-to place for new European fashion brands to launch their luxury products. Visit their website and enter the world of lavish fashion. Also, take a look at their launch video below!


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