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Black Crows

Independent free-ski brand from Chamonix, France that designs and markets ski equipment and apparel.

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Black Crows

Black Crows: Taking their commerce offering off-piste with Moltin

Their challenge

Black Crows’ main objective is to develop a seamless and design-driven commerce experience to provide customers with the best shopping journey. No more rigid structures and tireless steps for consumers, only a flexible and frictionless process.

Market: North America and Europe
Industry: Sports and outdoors


Based on this, their mission was to develop a commerce business that delivers their products to customers in an enjoyable yet informative way, whilst bringing down the barriers to purchase through an experience as frictionless as possible.

Lead by Global Marketing Manager, Chris Booth, Black Crows thought they to decide between going for an off-the-shelf option which would create a similar experience to our competitors, or pay significantly more for a custom CMS.

Chris said, “Moltin was a refreshing and light solution that allowed us to create a custom design that sits together with the eCommerce experience.”

“We would not have been able to achieve what we have without Moltin.”

Chris Booth
Global Marketing Manager

What Moltin did

Moltin allowed Black Crows to take a disheveled and inconsistent site design and transform it into an integrated and coherent platform. Prior to Moltin, Black Crows suffered from many technical inconsistencies whilst using Shopatron, an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform, together with a Ruby on Rails frontend. This fueled extreme issues with integration and design that caused for lower conversion rates as customers dropped off during checkout on the Black Crows website. They were in desperate need of flexibility and uniformity that Moltin could perfectly provide.

Black Crows chose Moltin because, “quite frankly, this is the direction of the internet. APIs are breaking everything open in every corner, and it almost seemed bizarre that eCommerce was yet to feel the same game-changing set of benefits. We are proud to embrace this change.

Chris Booth, the Global Marketing Manager of Black Crows, goes on to express that, “We’re really excited by what we can do with Moltin next. Our plan is to use Moltin to elevate our eCommerce experience, so it feels as natural, frictionless and easy as possible. Using Moltin we can adapt and change our design as we please because there are almost no design constraints.”

Black Crows wanted to step into the future with Moltin and step up their eCommerce platform, helping their consumers enjoy the best shopping experience possible.


Black Crows took the initiative to start working with Rangle.io, an agile workshop based in Toronto, who specializes in Angular development and eCommerce applications.

They re-platformed in just 12 weeks, from start to finish, and are now running on a modern, lightweight and easy to manage AngularJS storefront. Rangle built the entire site on top of Moltin, effectively using it as both their eCommerce solution and CMS.

The products, categories, and regular pages make use of Moltin’s EAV system “Flows”, enabling Black Crows to develop and store any number of additional customizable fields. The site also makes use of our multi-lingual functionality, providing product descriptions in English, French and German on the fly.

As a result of the store going live, Black Crows have seen 6 times the sales growth and has doubled site visitors, proving that with Moltin it was able to see immense progress.

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