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Magic Mirror

Maximize the potential of the moment shoppers are most engaged -- when they’re looking at themselves wearing your product. Provide them with additional information and helpful tools to help them finalize their purchase decision.

Discuss using Magic Mirror

Be ready for the moment of truth

Is there any moment more full of potential and risk for your brand than when a shopper is in the dressing room or on the store floor, looking in the mirror, wearing your product? Don’t let that instant come and go without being ready to support, assist, and engage them. A magic mirror does exactly that -- it puts at shopper’s fingertips more information about the product they’re looking at, as well as tools to keep them excited and engaged -- selfies, social sharing, product recommendations, or even a way of summoning help from in-store associates. A magic mirror has endless possibilities, and powering with Moltin can make any of them a reality.

Moltin Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror capabilities

Inventory checks

Shoppers trying on a particular item can scan it and instantly check to see if the store carriers other sizes, colors or styles, and what’s available online.

Product recommendations

Based on what’s being viewed in the mirror, shoppers can be presented with complementary products available in the store or online.


Shoppers can identify themselves and login to their accounts through the mirror, to receive personalized recommendations or be reminded of what’s in their cart .

Fun and engagement

To make sure shopping stays fun and shoppers stay engaged, the mirror can offer to snap a selfie or post to social media for instant feedback from friends.

In-store assistance

Put the entire store at the service of those closest to buying by letting shoppers request help through the mirror, such as bringing additional sizes or other products.

Retailers stay connected to shoppers at the critical moment

When shoppers hold an item up to themselves, retailers can stay connected and engage them further, rather than missing the moment. The Magic Mirror enables retailers to rescue potential moments of disappointment (when products don’t fit or look quite as expected) with suggestions and help. And retailers can use the same to build on the excitement when shoppers find what they’re looking for and enable the consumer to complete the transaction right there from the Magic Mirror.

Shoppers get help when they need it most

Instead of being a lonely moment, magic mirrors makes the shopping experience energizing and helpful. Shoppers get product information, recommendations, a chance at social engagement, and the ability to buy the item they’re holding at the very moment they’re trying to make a final decision about a product.

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