Powerful, embeddable Cart and Checkout

Easily sell physical and digital products through your existing website using Moltin Shopkit.

A shopping cart and checkout for any website

Moltin Shopkit enables your customers to shop and pay for items directly from your existing website without leaving the page.
Shopkit Cart

Why Shopkit?

Shopkit works alongside your existing websites, blogs, and other commerce platforms.

Fast, flexible checkout experience

Allow your customers to choose from an existing address or create a new one during checkout, made possible with Shopkit.

Add to Cart, Checkout & Pay

Customers can pay for their orders using Stripe or any other payment gateway using the Moltin Manual Gateway.

Save for later

Easily view order statuses when you're logged in

Backed by a powerful API

Shopkit uses the same APIs available to any Moltin customer, giving you the ultimate freedom to grow when you need more than just an embeddable cart and checkout.
Go behind the scenes