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Modern eCommerce Websites

Create and deploy unique, modern eCommerce websites quickly that are true to your brand and meet your business requirements.

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Don’t compromise brand identity or time-to-market

A retailer’s eCommerce website must be an incarnation of its brand, reflecting its DNA in a way that engages shoppers and converts them to buyers. It’s also practically a living thing, needing to change and adapt along with consumer preferences and the competitive landscape. And each retailer may have more than one site, to support individual brands, geographies, or market opportunities. None of this can happen with either a templated, one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box commerce platform, or a slow, custom build. Moltin-powered eCommerce websites built on top of headless commerce architecture are flexible, adaptable, and can be launched quickly and in succession to pounce on any business opportunity.

What is headless commerce and why should I care about it?
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eCommerce Website solution snapshot

Complete creative freedom

There are no creative limitations on what retailers can do with their eCommerce Websites, enabling them to give shoppers the most engaging experience possible.

Optimized for mobile

Retailers can respond to their increasingly mobile-first shoppers with either responsive or fully mobile-first designs.


Commerce site retailers can go up quickly enough for retailers to use unique properties for different segments, geographies, brands, events, or other opportunities.

SaaS back-end

Every site powered by Moltin automatically benefits from new releases and innovations, with no risk of a site being stranded on an older version of the underlying commerce capabilities powering the site.

Retailers are free to express their brand, not manage technology

Retailers can focus on expressing their brand and engaging shoppers, not struggling with the rigid technology that traditional eCommerce Platforms use to power sites. They also aren’t limiting themselves to templated, undifferentiated site designs to obtain this freedom and speed. And retailers are free to launch as many new, unique sites as needed to pursue business opportunities.

Consumers have site experiences that speak to them

Shoppers are excited when they visit sites that are modern, unique, true to the brand, and rich with engaging content and merchandising. And these experiences are even more compelling when they’re on a site that’s unique to their interests and needs, tailored to a specific brand, geography or topic.

Importance of customer experience

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