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What's new in v2 part 1

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
With version two development well underway, we’d like to share the first set of major new features that will be shipping later this year.

We just want to start this post with a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time over the last few weeks to provide your thoughts on what we’re doing at Moltin. The responses we’ve received have been overwhelming and we’re so happy to see that we’re aligned with where you want us to take the platform.

Speed, stability, and scale

One of the biggest changes we’re making to the platform is an internal one, not as exciting as some of the other items on this list sure, but you’ll certainly notice a difference. The internal system components are being broken up, allowing us to scale individual features faster and further than ever before - while keeping response times lower than they’ve ever been.

Inventory updates

Many of you wanted better inventory management capabilities so we’ll be extending it to include flexible stock control, location based inventory, suppliers, transfers, and tiered pricing.


There’s an all-new search solution that we’ll be initially releasing for inventory resources; before rolling out to more endpoints throughout 2016. We’re also adding support for saved filters, which allows you to save your searches and easily reuse them.

Import and export

It’s been heavily requested, and it’s something we’ve always wanted to deliver to make your lives a little easier. With import and export in version two, you’ll be able to upload files in multiple formats and have us take care of the rest in the background, reducing the amount of effort required to get data in and out of the platform. Best of all, the use of these is free and will not count towards your request limits :D!

Subscriptions and digital products

Hell, it’s about time! These have been on our list for a long time now and we simply couldn’t, with the existing codebase, implement them in a way we were happy with. With all the changes we’re happy to finally get them out of the door.

In addition to these major changes, we’ll also be pushing out currency changes to allow for more customization and live rates. Languages will be getting an overhaul with locales and better field type support.

But wait, there’s more! This is just part one, we’ll be sharing even more new features next Tuesday.

It’s not too late to give your thoughts on Moltin if you haven’t already, it’ll only take two minutes to complete the survey.

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