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Version one long-term support

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
Following last week’s announcement about the development of Moltin version two, we want to confirm our plans for version one and how it will be supported going forward.

We’ve decided we won’t be setting a fixed date for the shutdown of version one. This is because we’re committed to continuing support to all users until we see a significant drop in usage and aren’t looking to reach a particular level for this to happen. Instead, we’ll continually monitor traffic until we feel there’ll be no significant disruption to the majority of users caused by the shutdown.

Once we’re happy to move forward with the shutdown, we’ll make an announcement giving all users still using the outdated version a three-month grace period to migrate to version two.

Support of version one will continue through its lifetime, and we’ll be committed to fixing any bugs that affect the running of stores; however, version one will not get any new features due to the two architectures being so different.

The start of June will see a new person joining our team, who’ll be dedicated to supporting and managing issues for anyone continuing to use version one past the release of version two.

Migrations from version one to two are currently in development and we’re working hard to make sure the process is as streamlined as possible so switching is easier. In a few weeks, we’ll be in a better position to discuss the process and how it will affect you.

We know the prospect of service shutdown or large migration can be a daunting time for anyone but we want to reassure you that we’re doing what we can behind the scenes to keep you informed and help you as much as possible.

We’re really excited about the improvements we’re seeing on the platform and next week we’ll be giving you a first look at some of the new and expanded features we’ll be releasing as well as a preview of the all-new dashboard.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, you can still have your say on Moltin and what you want in version two here.

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