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Version 1 - shutdown dates

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019

Since our last post regarding the deprecation of version 1 and the lock off for new users after Monday 17th July, we have drawn up a timeline for existing V1 users to migrate to V2.

Month Itinerary
September V1 to V2 benefits post explaining the improvements to speed, scalability and simplicity
  A better way to use taxes post
  V2 basic import tool release
  V2 new feature - custom line items
  Migration guidelines provided
October Migration tool release
  Reminder to existing V1 API users about migrating
November Recommended data migration complete
  Reminder to existing V1 API users about migrating
December Escalated reminder to existing V1 API users
January Recommended implementation complete
February Final reminders to existing V1 API users about the shutdown
  Shutdown on 28th February at UTC 12:00

As you can see from the table above, the five key points are:

  1. Basic import tool available in September 2017.
  2. Migration tool to convert v1 to v2 data available in October 2017.
  3. Recommended data migration complete by November 2017.
  4. Recommended implementation complete by January 2018.
  5. V1 Shutdown on 28th February 2018 at UTC 12:00.

We are aware that there are a few features still in development to give V2 feature parity with V1. This, however, should not block or delay the start of your migration. These features will be rolled out in due course well before the API is shut down.

Got questions?

We’ll be happy to talk through your migration path and provide assistance with your plans where possible. If you have a question please post a reply on the forum or if you would like to arrange a call with our team please email us at support@moltin.com.

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