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Unifying Moltin user account systems

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
We’re streamlining our account management system so all login details are stored in one place.

When we started Moltin we wanted to deliver tools that would address the problems we ourselves had, building commerce for the internet.

The uptake over the last 12 months has been fantastic and our community has grown from a small band of like-minded people into a global force for change.

Building these tools has been in no way easy, and we’re addressing technical problems that huge companies deal with daily, with only a very small team. Being a small agile team means we can move really quickly but not always on every part of the system all of the time.

Obviously, internally we have our own set of problems different to our users, however, the team and the community all agree one of the most frustrating issues has been the lack of a unified account management system. Right now to manage accounts, users must log into the website with a different set of credentials that they use for the inventory and single store management system on the dashboard.

We had to move very quickly with Moltin from the offset, meaning some development decisions on managing accounts had to be made quickly so we could focus on other issues.

For some time we’ve been working hard to unify the login and registration systems. The first part of this project was delivered before Christmas in the form of a super fast authentication layer here. And now the next phase begins.

This phase will achieve the following:

  • Migrate all users away from moltin.com/account to a single point for managing your store, keys, and payment details.
  • Remove the need for two sets of logins (usernames and passwords for the dashboard and moltin.com) to a single set usable across both systems.
  • Unify our authentication layer for the API into a single authority for requesting API credentials faster.
  • Make managing multiple stores and payment details easier and more understandable.
  • Make upgrading your packages easier.

Due to the influx of people joining the platform, this is by no means an easy feat! We have thousands of accounts to move, so we need to take small steps to accomplish this without causing any issues to our community.

How will this affect you?

We don’t expect our users to be impacted dramatically while we make this change.

  • This will not affect any API calls you make to Moltin for your stores - they will work regardless.
  • Existing users will not have access to store management for a few hours at the beginning of March while we migrate everyone over.
  • New users will not be able to register for Moltin for a few hours until the new registration system goes live.
  • Once we’ve finished migrating, you can manage your store on a new URL accounts.moltin.com using your existing dashboard logins.
  • Your old logins for the website moltin.com/account become null and will be not needed anymore.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. We’ll handle everything behind the scenes and, apart from a change in URL, you’ll be able to manage your store as well, if not better, when the services come back online.

Will that be the end of it?

In short no. Ultimately all account management will be moved to our new dashboard application scheduled for release in the next couple of months. But we see this as a logical step in tying up our backend services succinctly and making further transitions easier. The move to account management in the dashboard will be the final step in the process.

We’ll do our best to notify everyone every step of the way, and if you have any questions you can contact the team through the usual channels.

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