The Road So Far

Last updated: 13 Sep 2013
How many developers out there actually enjoy eCommerce? In our experience, it’s far too few. Whilst a number of recent innovations have made it easier for designers and store owners, many developers have been left out in the cold.

This was something we attempted to help fix a little over a year ago with the release of FireSale, our solution for PyroCMS. What started out as a basic solution for a fantastic platform it grew and with the help of the great community behind us we shaped it into something great. Originally our goal was to make something lightweight and flexible and to some degree, we achieved just that.

Things evolved over time and many new features and translations were added by people dedicating their time to us and the product out of good will and appreciation of what we were doing. The hard work recently culminated in the release of FireSale Pro and contained everything we’d worked on for the past 18 months. As a thank you to the community and the people that helped us along the journey, we donated just over half of our first 6 weeks’ worth of sales to Phil Sturgeon’s latest charity ‘Endeavor’. This amounted to just over $300 and if you’d like to contribute yourself you can do so here.

FireSale continues to evolve and going off our limited statistic tracking we see it as an on-going success. However, for a while, we’ve had a feeling that doing the 10 millionth eCommerce platform wasn’t enough to help the developers out there so we set out to change that.

A few months ago we started the application process to an amazing accelerator program based in the North-East of England, Ignite100. We were accepted and started the program two weeks ago, with our new vision rapidly taking shape and becoming a reality.

Moltin is our crazy departure from traditional eCommerce methods. By making it a cloud-based API we have attempted to break down the walls of who can use what where. Unlimited in choice, you can use any part of the platform in any language and on any device. We take care of the infrastructure, the scaling, and the security, leaving you to just build. We aim to truly leverage our SaaS position to not only help you make it easier to develop but for your clients to sell and actually understand their customers in some super helpful ways.

We’re moving towards our initial closed beta and have been inviting a few members of the Pyro community as well as a range of hand-picked developers to test it. Initial feedback has been amazing and we’re looking to expand! If you’re interested in helping us out on our journey simply enter your details on the homepage and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we open up our next phase.

Once again without the support of various people, this would not have been possible and we’re so excited for the journey ahead of us. We are aiming to truly rethink the way developers see and do eCommerce and hope you join us.

Adam, Jamie & Chris