The new community forum is here

Last updated: 25 Jul 2017
This week we’re introducing our new community forum.

As covered briefly in the community hub update post, our community is always active and growing daily through multiple channels including Slack, GitHub and live chat. After speaking to users about how they’d like to see the community move forward, a single place to keep all conversations, questions and project show and tells was requested — enter the Moltin forum.

What we’re using to power the forum

We’ve chosen to host our forum on Discourse, the open source project, allowing us to have a customized place where everyone can have input on discussions, help each other out or just generally share interesting stuff.

The category feature is a massive plus with Discourse — it allows us to split everything up into topic areas. It allows you to turn notifications on and off for each category, meaning you control what content you care about — only seeing conversations of interest or ones you’ve participated in.


Where we’ll be posting company or product news and updates. It’ll be used to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on at Moltin so you can contribute and feedback on what we’ve got in the pipeline. Definitely worth watching this category!

Show and tell

Will give you the chance to show off your projects or integrations, share ideas with other community members and provide inspiration for those deciding what to build now. It’s your chance to shine, so take advantage and let us know what you’ve been building and why.


Lets you have your say and help shape Moltin by submitting feature ideas and liking or commenting on suggestions from other members to influence our developer roadmap. Don’t forget bugs and technical feedback should be reported via the support center.


Has been created for you ask open questions directly to the core Moltin team or other members. It’s a chance to ask non-support related questions to help you with your project. You’ll also find lots of FAQs already asked by other members which may contain your answer. Again, remember support queries are still raised in the support center.


For anything that doesn’t belong in any other category — use it to discuss industry trends, more general development chat and tell people about cool things you’ve seen!