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News from Moltin - February 2018 update

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
You may have seen last week we announced some big news! If you missed it, we’ve just raised an $8 million Series A funding round and hired a new CEO, Jamus Driscoll. 🚀

Alongside that, we’ve continued to do some pretty awesome updates to the platform too. Here’s a round up of what we’ve launched in January and February.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top items so you can dig deeper:

Depreciation of V1 for the inactive user base

The year ahead is an exciting one for Moltin. As we turn the corner, we focus our energies on V2 of our API - and with it, improved speed, concurrency, and a generally more featureful and developer friendly experience. We are excited to have you on this journey with us and look forward to growing with you in 2018. Find out what it means, in this post.

Updated API reference

In January we launched our new API reference with a goal of clearly outlining each of our endpoints, the objects within them, and cURL and JavaScript requests. We will continue to enhance and enrich this content going forward and hope it can be a guide and companion as you connect and grow with Moltin. Please check it out and look forward to more improvements and examples to come!

Hola! Multilingual store functionality is here

You can now cater to a more global audience with the ability to add up to five languages (in addition to your default language) to display product names and descriptions. We hope this helps your business break into new markets and look forward to getting your feedback and extending this feature more later this year.

Launch of Promotions functionality

Our new promotions feature allows you to provide discounts to your customers — either as a percentage or fixed amount off a cart. We hope this functionality can unlock a new sales lever for your sites and we look forward to your feedback on this feature. Look for the addition of promotions to the Dashboard and further extension of this feature in the months ahead.

Improved stock management (inventory) in your store

Don’t miss out on a sale (or worse - frustrate a customer) by not having the stock to fulfill your orders. Learn how you can manage stock directly from our inventory endpoints, via the dashboard, and how to configure “manage stock” on orders to automatically decrement stock with purchases.

Updated dashboard functionality

You can now filter orders, products and add customer addresses all inside the Dashboard. See exactly how this works by watching our YouTube playlist. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Moltin channel too!

Other bug fixes and minor enhancements

You can now GET products and include or not include child products via the query string. Also, updated responses are now more in line with the rest of the API.

We’re always looking for great feedback on features and also problems our community is experiencing. If you’d like to vote on features or request specific ones you can do that easily here on the forum.

If you’ve created a great opensource project with Moltin, we’d love for it to appear on our website. You can submit your work using the form at the bottom of the community page.

If you think you’d like to work with us even closer on features and feedback, drop us an email at we’re always looking for outspoken members.

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