News from Moltin - November 2017 update

Last updated: 11 Dec 2017

Thanks to you, we’ve got some great feedback from our close partners and community! In the last couple of weeks, we’ve shipped a load of changes because of that feedback, and the basis of several new features.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top items so you can dig deeper:

Various Dashboard Updates

We’ve added various small updates to the dashboard including better breadcrumbs, text-areas on descriptions, and updated pagination and basic searching for our orders section. This is the first round of improvements requested from some of our close customers, we’ll update you with details of the next batch of changes soon.


The Customers service has finally gone into GA for the API including updates to the checkout process for support of passing a customer. You can check out the post detailing some of the functionality here.

Customer Logins and Orders

Alongside the major Customers release, we’ve also shipped Customer Logins. Customer logins gives client side, or implicit stores, the ability to create a customer and then log that customer in, so you can retrieve more sensitive information like order data in a secure manner. The guide post gives details of how that works right now.

Manual Gateway

The manual gateway brings stores all the functionality of authorize and capture without the necessity of using a third party payment provider. The reason for this is to increase your store’s flexibility when you can handle transactions outside of Moltin logic, whilst still keeping your orders up to date. We’ve written this post to help you out.

Additional Flows

More feedback from some of our stores lead us to expand the Flows endpoints to several more services. Andrew does a great write up here, and we’ll let you know if we plan to expand further.


We have now added the ability for users of customer tokens to easily manage their addresses. This allows users to present them as part of the checkout flow and avoids the need for authenticated users (as opposed to anonymous purchasers) to duplicate information that largely remains constant and static. You can read more, here.


Finally, the website is undergoing some structural changes to help you find the things you need when you need them better. The tutorials section is the first piece of the makeover to go live, with quite a few more in the works.

We’re always looking for great feedback on features and also problems our community is experiencing. If you’d like to vote on features or request specific ones you can do that easily here on the feedback.

If you’ve created a great opensource project with Moltin, we’d love for it to appear on our website. You can submit your work using the form at the bottom of the community page.

If you think you’d like to work with us even closer on features and feedback, drop us an email at we’re always looking for outspoken members.

Cheers, Chris