2019 State of xCommerce Report: Brick and mortar isn't dead, boring commerce experiences are

About the report The aim of the 2019 State of xCommerce Report is to provide you with a unique insight into the world of digital commerce, driven by the consumer's standpoint. By “xCommerce” we mean...

author Joanna Suau - 11 Jan 2019

Omnichannel vs multichannel retail: What is the difference

What’s the difference between multi- and omnichannel? Why invest in any and how to pose your business to join the ranks of retail winners? Multichannel and omnichannel, both, involve selling a...

author Joanna Suau - 10 Jan 2019

Why invest in Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)?

If your store is available on a mobile device, it doesn’t necessarily mean, it is mCommerce-friendly. Here are some features your mobile app must have in order to fully harness the power of mobile...

author Joanna Suau - 04 Jan 2019

Moltin wraps-up white hot 2018, accelerates growth heading into 2019

It’s January - one of my favorite times of the year. In addition to being my birthday month, this a time of the year to take stock on the past year and set goals for the coming year. For Moltin, 2018...

author Greg Lord - 03 Jan 2019

Headless eCommerce vs traditional eCommerce platforms

Those who are continuously looking to reinvent commerce and improve customer experience are probably already familiar with the term headless. But what really stands behind this term? Are all headless...

author Joanna Suau - 02 Jan 2019

Top tips for NRF Big Show from our CEO Jamus Driscoll

Moltin is excited to be exhibiting at NRF Big Show booth #4265.  We recently wrote about how to prepare yourself for the show. We thought it would be helpful to also to have our CEO Jamus...

author Jamus Driscoll - 28 Dec 2018

Experience xCommerce solutions for retailers to reinvent commerce at NRF 2019

Moltin will showcase a magic mirror, mobile self checkout, IoT buttons, and have an open bar at booth 4265

author Leanne Clegg - 27 Dec 2018

10 Ways to Get Ready for NRF’s Big Show

You bought your ticket and booked your hotel and flight for NRF Big Show 2019. What other things do you need to do to be prepared? With 2019 NRF Big Show fast approaching, it’s time to put a solid...

author Leanne Clegg - 24 Dec 2018

eBook: Disrupting Retail Stores

Who we are Moltin provides the leading commerce innovation engine to help free brand centric companies to pursue the future of retail. Our headless commerce APIs allow retailers to quickly and easily...

author Meaghan Donlon - 21 Dec 2018

Want better marketing results in 2019? Focus on better storytelling

What’s your story? When I meet a client, that’s the first thing I want to know. Obviously, the client’s objective is to sell a product or service. But in order to do that effectively, they need to...

author Jamus Driscoll - 20 Dec 2018