Monthly commerce roundup - February 2018

This month’s roundup includes how we’ve improved our user onboarding experience, moving the Moltin architecture to Kubernetes, launching an integration with Zapier, joining our weekly YouTube show,...

author Leanne Clegg - 28 Feb 2019

The Commerce Graph

In this post we discuss the basics of graph theory, what it means, how this applies to commerce, why it matters and introduce the concept of “The Commerce Graph”.

author Adam Sturrock - 27 Feb 2019

Elements to consider in your eCommerce Design

Visual merchandising is the art of making every element of your   eCommerce website attractive to potential customers. The idea is to draw people in so they will want to buy your products. With...

author Kate Hassey - 26 Feb 2019

Product photography tips to maximize eCommerce conversions

A critical component of any successful eCommerce website is having professional, high-quality product images. 

author Kate Hassey - 22 Feb 2019

Complete the checkout process with our new onboarding tutorial!

Onboarding is arguably one of the most important aspects of any product or service. Regardless of how well your product functions, you need to be able to teach and nurture your customers effectively...

author Ollie Barker - 18 Feb 2019

eCommerce Stats and Trends to watch in 2019

With more and more consumers expecting all commerce experiences to be frictionless, it becomes that much more important to make those IT bindings seamless and invisible.

author Kate Hassey - 14 Feb 2019

The Future of Commerce: Are we there yet?

I’ve recently been inundated with a flood of “year in review” emails and spending time skimming through them, you’d believe the Jetsonian age is upon us. Robots working in stores! Virtual reality...

author Meaghan Donlon - 12 Feb 2019

February 2019 AMA. Working with taxes

Welcome! Today we are going to learn about implementing taxes for your Moltin store. We’ll start broad with the different taxation strategies you can you implement, then narrowing down to the...

author Matt Foyle - 11 Feb 2019

Zapier integration released in private beta

We've launched a Zapier application into private beta, meaning you can now connect Moltin with many other apps like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Slack, Hubspot, Twilio and hundreds more, without any...

author Matt Foyle - 11 Feb 2019

Improving onboarding

Read about our vision on improved onboarding and what we did so far.

author Jamie Holdroyd - 08 Feb 2019