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November - product updates & deprecations

Last updated: 04 Nov 2019

On Thursday 12th December we will be fixing an issue which results in flow data for orders appearing on the orders transactions.

We wouldn't usually announce a bug fix like this, however we feel that we need to as this may be a breaking change for some people that could be using this bug to extend the functionality of transactions.

After Thursday 12th December order flow data will no longer appear on transactions and there will be no way to add this functionality back.

We may consider the possibility of adding flows to transactions but this won't happen before this date.

Further updates to expect on Thursday 12th December include:

  • The "unique" flow field will be fixed and therefore this validation rule will be correctly observed by the system going forward. Existing fields that had this validation flag set to true will be set to false so existing behaviour is maintained. You can enable the "unique" validation behaviour by opting to update each flow field from the dashboard or API but please note that this could affect any integrations or automated processes that query for, create or update records that share values across records.
  • The created_at attribute on transactions is deprecated and will be removed on this date.
  • The transaction-type attribute on transactions is deprecated and will be removed on this date.
  • The details attribute in the error response is deprecated and will be removed on this date.


If you think you may be affected by these changes then please contact support@moltin.com and one of our team would be glad to help you.

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