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Moltin Dashboard update: New Billing Management

Last updated: 21 Jun 2019

You can now pay for your monthly subscription through the Moltin dashboard! The dashboard now includes the Billing section where you can add your card details to pay for subscription, view your payment history and download invoices, or cancel your subscription.

As part of our continuous effort to improve user onboarding which you can read about in the blog post drafted by one of Moltin founders, Jamie Holdroyd, we have added billing section to Moltin dashboard.

Our vision is for dashboard to become the central hub of your store where you have access to every vital part of the system, inventory, user and store management, store settings, subscription management, i.e. billing.


How does billing work?

As you probably remember, at the beginning of this year we have launched a new pricing model. We want to make pricing as transparent and easy to manage as possible, hence the decision to give you, the user, full access and overview of the payment details and history.

Once you log into your dashboard, you’ll notice the new Billing item in the sidebar. This is where you can pay for and manage your subscription (add/remove add-ons, cancel your current payment plan, etc.), add/edit payment cards, and view your payment history. 

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 10.31.57

Once a payment card is added and authorized, the subscription is activated, and you will be automatically charged every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and this will be instantaneous. You will lose access to your dashboard and your account will be purged after 30 days.

In a scenario where we cannot process your payment, we will notify you by email, and try 3 more times over a week to process the payment before cancelling the subscription, so don’t worry, you have a lot of time to sort this out.


Current limitations

At the moment, due to the MVP nature of this launch, the ability to manage add-ons has not yet been implemented. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we will strip you from accessing our most valuable resources; rather, it means you can have them for free, while we are actively working on improving your user experience!

We are very excited for you to get your hands on this latest addition to dashboard. As usual, please don’t hesitate if you have any issues, feedback, or ideas for further improvements, and stay tuned for more to come!

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