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Monthly Commerce Roundup: March 2019

Last updated: 17 Jun 2019


This month’s roundup includes global availability of In-store Self Checkout and Pop-up Event Self Checkout solutions, new pricing model,enhancements to Flows, and new native Zendesk plugin.

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Announcing global availability of Self Checkout solutions

This week we announced the global availability of Self Checkout solutions for In-Store and Pop-up Events. Delivering the “future of retail” the solutions allow any brand or retailer to deliver innovative and engaging shopping experiences that rivals Amazon Go. The Moltin Self Checkout Solutions are based on a progressive web application that allows customers to skip lines and check out a product in a store on their phone without the hassle of downloading an app.

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We’ve introduced a brand new pricing model

Last month we launched our brand new pricing model and this month you can now pay for your monthly price plan within the Moltin dashboard. The dashboard now includes a billing section where you’re able to add your card details, view payment history, download invoice or upgrade/downgrade your subscription.

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You asked. We listened: How we’re improving Flows

Flows is one of the most popular Moltin features, which allows you to customize your store. This month we’ve launched a new Flows enhancement  - pagination to the Flow entries! This is extremely important for stores that have numerous entries and are trying to build them in the API within one response. Pagination allows for quicker response time on-build and makes large amounts of data more manageable and user friendly.

How to add pagination

Other product updates

  • Fixed an issue with timestamp on inventory record.

  • Validation error code now returns a helpful message for Single Equals Price Modifier Violation.

  • Fixed an issue whereby a newly created Flow Field wouldn't immediately present on resource.

For more details on all product changes visit our API changelog.

Did you know?

You can use the Moltin Dashboard to add webhook directly to your store through Settings > Integrations. Webhooks (aka Events) allow you to attach custom code that performs actions outside of the Moltin ecosystem, such as sending notifications, order confirmation, etc.

Live Q&A: Self Checkout Solutions

With the exciting launch of both the In-Store Self Checkout solution and Pop-up Events Self Checkout solution, Jamie Barton, Developer Evangelist at Moltin will be hosting a live Q&A on YouTube Live, April 2, 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET. Set a reminder and then just head to YouTube at this time to ask your burning Self Checkout questions. 

Unable to make it? Submit your questions in advance and we'll try and cover it. If we don't, we'll personally respond to your questions individually.

A recording on the event will be available on the Moltin YouTube channel afterwards.

Industry News

Upcoming events

Retail Ascendant, NYC - we’re really excited to be showcasing mobile self-checkout to the world’s most innovative and influential retailers at Retail Ascendant in NYC in April.

Upcoming webinar

Meet your customers where they are -  Moltin and Zmags join forces tomorrow, on March 28, 10am PT // 1pm ET for a fireside conversation about where customers are shopping, how they are purchasing, and what experiences they want.

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