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Moltin releases Social Commerce Solution for Facebook and Instagram

Last updated: 21 Jun 2019

Invest in social commerce and add Facebook and Instagram to your omnichannel experience!

Social media is where consumers get most inspired to shop. It’s where they’re faced with  eye-catching images and videos posted by family, friends, followers, and celebrities - an important collective of people that have the biggest influence on their life. This is why social commerce should play an important part in any growing business commerce strategy.

Advertisements and branded posts are one way to attract potential consumers. But they require the shopper to click away and leave the environment that sparked their interest. They’re powerful, but not ideal for this type of channel. Consumers don’t like to get lost in a labyrinth of links they have to follow to read more about the product and potentially buy it. They want it here and now. They’re very much impulse buyers.

Following this basic consumer desire, Moltin has launched a brand new solution that ensures  social media is now fully shoppable. The Moltin APIs can power adverts and posts that can be used to promote products and allow the consumer to buy without being pulled to a separate commerce experience.


Customer experience

Your customers will be able to browse the catalog and checkout directly from Facebook. Additionally, they can use Facebook’s native features like:

  • Check out the product without leaving Facebook
  • Share the products they like with their Facebook connections
  • Save the product within Facebook
  • Add comments
  • Connect with the merchant through chat


How does it work behind the scenes?

Moltin APIs allow for a seamless integration with the Facebook API to create a consistent shopping experience for customers using same product catalog and same payment gateways you already have in use for your existing Moltin store. Your Facebook catalog will import all details you have already set up in your existing store, such as images, descriptions, size options, price, etc.

With a few lines of code and in no time at all, you can plug your Moltin project to your Facebook Shop, and therefore, connect with billions of Facebook users from across the globe.

Display and sell your products directly through your Facebook page. Moltin will automatically sync all of your product information from your online store with Facebook, so any changes you make will automatically appear real time in your Facebook channel.

How to set up a Facebook Shop and export the existing catalog

The process for creating a new Facebook Shop is much easier if you get to skip the cumbersome and time-consuming step of adding manually each product you want to sell to Facebook catalog. With Moltin Facebook Lookbook, all you have to do is:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Create a Facebook business page for your store (if you haven't already). Your account must have an admin page role for the Facebook business page.
  3. Log into Moltin dashboard.
  4. Download and install locally Facebook project from GitHub (you’ll need to contact our team to get access to this repository).
  5. Create a file named .env in the root folder of the project and provide  your store’s Client ID and Client Secret.
  6. Provide Facebook with you access token and catalogue ID. Your Moltin catalog will now be imported into Facebook.


Instagram integration

Once you have a Facebook Store configured with your product catalog, you can then expand your social media outreach to Instagram. All you have to do is open an Instagram business account and link it to your Facebook Shop. You can then tag your Instagram photos with your products you have available in your Shop creating engaging shoppable images for your followers.


Why invest in social media?

The world of modern commerce is under constant pressure to reach out to and engage consumers right there and then in the exact moment of interaction with the brand. A typical consumer expects retailers to find them, rather then stumbling across the brand by chance. Social media drastically increases brand awareness and digital presence. But you can take it to the next level and make your social content shoppable with a minimum effort and a fully automated centralized inventory.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social platforms for potential consumers both with an average of over billion active users. Moltin social commerce solution allows retailers to monetize on their social audience and have yet another vital channel to add into their omnichannel experience.

If you have any questions, contact our Moltin team for a demo on how easy it is to sell with social commerce!


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