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Moltin monthly roundup: May 2019

Last updated: 21 Jun 2019

Migrating from Magento to Moltin

Did you know we have a guide on what it takes to migrate from Magento 1 to 2 in comparison to Magento 1 to Moltin? We dive into the migration process as whole, what you need to consider when migrating from either Magento 1 to 2 or Magento 1 to Moltin, and a step by step guide on completing the migration process.

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Atomic-level control of your data with Moltin Flows

Flows is one of the most flexible and powerful features of the Moltin API. You can add additional detail to your existing resources like products, orders, carts, etc., but you can also create new resources to add new features that are not yet a native part of our API. Check out our roundup of everything we've done for Flows Awareness month.

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Beta release of Shopkit

Shopkit enables brands and retailers to turn any website into an eCommerce website with a single code snippet. The new Shopkit solution, available as a beta release, is designed for anyone who needs to quickly and easily sell physical and digital goods on their existing website and wants to partner up with a solution they can grow with.

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Join us on Spectrum 📣 ‍

Don't forget we have moved our community forum to Spectrum. Spectrum is an awesome place where you can hangout with other developers using the same languages, and technology you use when building with Moltin.

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Other product news

Here’s a snippet of other updates we’ve made recently:

  • Improved the safety of carts using different currencies. The requests which would mix up currencies will now be rejected.
  • Fixed an issue with carts whereby changing the product quantity would change the order of cart items. This will now be preserved.
  • Added attribute validation so that only known events are accepted.
  • Checkout call now returns order items in the response.
  • We've also shipped incremental dashboard improvements, solving some of the most common frustrations our customers encounter, including improving the currency edit UI. Take a look in the dashboard to see them in action.

For more details on all product changes, visit our API Changelog.

Industry news

Latest commerce news and views from Moltin:

To keep up with all the latest industry news from Moltin, keep an eye on our blog.


Stay tuned for our next roundup! 



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