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Moltin monthly roundup: April 2019

Last updated: 30 Apr 2019

This month's announcement includes: social commerce, voice commerce, improvements to product caching, improvements to Moltin architecture and much more

Say hello to social commerce 🛍

You can now have a retail presence on Facebook and Instagram with Moltin! Use the Moltin APIs to plug your existing product catalog to your Facebook shop and expand your sales potential without the hassle of maintaining separate inventories. Let your customers checkout products they love through Facebook with the same checkout process they’re used to. Use the Facebook catalog to tag products on Instagram creating engaging shoppable images.

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Use your voice to browse and buy 🗣

At Shoptalk in March, our technology partner, Myplanet demonstrated a proof of concept voice user interface that allows shoppers to make purchases directly through the Moltin platform. And it only took them one week! Get inspired by their write up of the experience.

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Improving product caching 📈

To improve API performance, we’re now serving cached data to stores from edge locations around the world. This has already improved the speed at least 10 times for people around the world. We’ll be rolling out the new cache per endpoint, as we test with a selected group of existing customers. We’ve started with the /products endpoints and will let you know as soon as we update more.

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Improvements to Moltin architecture 👷‍

We have successfully moved our services to the new third party database provider. The new architecture makes the Moltin API even more secure, faster and scalable. It’s now also fully prepared to handle rapid exponential growth of any business that relies on our APIs.

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We've moved to Spectrum 📣 ‍

We are pleased to announce we have moved our community forum to Spectrum. Spectrum is an awesome place where you can hangout with other developers using the same languages, and technology you use when building with Moltin.

Join us on Spectrum

Other product news

Here’s a snippet of other updates we’ve made recently:

  • Pagination on Flow Entries now defaults to 100.
  • Fixed an issue whereby an invalid slug would cause an error with the Flows endpoint.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of pagination in the dashboard UI.

For more details on all product changes, visit our API changelog.

API changelog

Did you know?

You can integrate any payment method with the Moltin API. If not natively supported by Moltin, use the manual payment gateway to plug your favorite gateway into your project.

Read the docs

Live Q&A: Flows

On Monday, May 13 @ 8am EST, Jamie Barton, Developer Advocate and Andrew Waters, Platform Engineer we will be hosting a live Q&A on Flows over on YouTube Live! For those of you who don’t know, Flows is our super powerful feature that allows you to add custom data to your Moltin project.

Unable to make it? Submit your question in advance as we’ll try and cover it. If we don’t, we’ll personally respond to your question individually.

A recording of the event will be available on the Moltin YouTube channel afterwards.

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Industry news

Latest commerce news and views from Moltin:

To keep up with all the latest industry news from Moltin, keep an eye on our blog.

Upcoming events

Flows Awareness Month - May is Flows Awareness Month at Moltin. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new content on what Flows is, why you need it for your store and what you can achieve with Flows.

JAMstack meets JAMcommerce - Jamie Barton, Developer Advocate at Moltin will be heading to JAMstack Boston on Tuesday, May 21 to talk about how the JAMstack is changing the way we build commerce websites and how JAMstack affects pricing in modern day headless APIs. If you’re in the Boston area, make sure you go along!

We're hiring

Got what it takes to become a Moltineer and reinvent commerce? Take a look at our jobs board for lots of exciting opportunities we have in both Boston and the UK!


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