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Moltin Acquired by Elastic Path Putting the Power of Microservices into the Hands of Every Business Leader

Last updated: 20 Jan 2020

It is a big week for the commerce industry. On Monday, we finally shared the news that Elastic Path, a fellow leader in the headless commerce space acquired Moltin. In becoming part of the Elastic Path family, we become part of a team of people who not only share our vision for the future of commerce but have built a culture of commitment to revolutionize the way business leaders deliver innovative experiences.

Throughout the history of Moltin, we’ve watched the use-cases for commerce technology grow exponentially, with a depth and breadth that could be intimidating to some, but we only saw the opportunity. Elastic Path unanimously shares this perspective and so closely mirrors the Moltin brand, it just made sense for us to join forces and pursue the market together.


Why Does This Acquisition Make Sense?

When we sit back and look at what the market requires of commerce technology, microservices are certainly a big draw for its promise of flexibility, agility and the ability to deliver commerce your way. This is absolutely something every business wants and is very excited about and yet, the ability to deploy it is out of reach for many businesses.

This forces everyone in the market to figure out the risk and reward profile of a microservices strategy. The reward is obvious—a commerce strategy that fully reflects the uniqueness and competitive advantage of your business—and it brings greater onus on business to design, build and maintain its own architecture. For some businesses, this presents a difficult choice: do you go with a cookie-cutter commerce platform, where you can have any color as long as it's black (as Henry Ford would say) or, do you take on the challenge of doing it your way.

That’s what makes this union so exciting. Together, Elastic Path and Moltin now offer what the market has been asking for: the full flexibility of a microservices platform purpose-built for how businesses want to advance their unique strategies. 

Elastic Path, since its beginning, has been driven by one belief: Customers shouldn’t have to change their business to fit within the limitations of their software. They should be able to mold their software to fit their business. Software should unlock creativity and innovation, not stifle it and businesses should have the opportunity to do remarkable things.

In uniting our technologies, plus Elastic Path's heritage and depth of the team, we have the opportunity to increasingly simplify a very complicated field. This is what businesses want, they want to be able to deliver a commerce experience their way without all of the risk and complexity of figuring it out.

Together, we deliver a solution that accelerates business leaders’ ability to innovate, reduce the risk and complexity of bringing it to life and allow them to have commerce on their terms.


What are the Specific Market Needs this Acquisition Addresses?


When we look back at where e-commerce started, commerce technology addressed the first phase of e-commerce well, delivering browser-based commerce in a fairly direct way but, it looked pretty similar across everyone’s business: a presence on the web and an understood commerce experience.

Now, we’re into an era of how do I differentiate as a brand and a business? How do I enable new unique business models that were previously just too hard to do and when consumers weren’t ready for it?

We’re seeing the emergence of new types of digital models and organizations want and need to take advantage of these new innovative approaches and disruptive, value-added ways of engaging their customers but stay true to how they are different than their competitors. They are at the point where they need to be able to deliver their proprietary advantage digitally and, that's going to be the key to unlocking the next tier of growth.

We see this acquisition as a way to help them do that. For Moltin customers specifically, it brings you:

  • Roadmap acceleration: In a larger combined R&D team, there is more attention to the product and an acceleration of innovation.
  • Larger more established company: The combined entity is now 6X larger, resulting in more 100%-commerce focused talent and resources. Customers will benefit from a greater partner network, more support resources and a broader product portfolio.
  • Product synergies: Easy to use business and developer tools: Combining forces brings API orchestration together with the flexibility of a microservices architecture to help customers more quickly and easily deliver unique and differentiating commerce experiences.

What does this mean to current and future customers of Moltin?

With any acquisition, we know there is a level of uneasiness and worry that can spread within a company’s ecosystem but the truth is, it is nothing but great news. 

Customers of Moltin have bought into a vision and are early movers in a market. And, as early movers in a market, you want to move quickly but you also want to reassurance that your early move was the correct one.

This acquisition is the reassurance that your early vision of where the market was headed was spot on. Increasingly, headless and microservices are things we're seeing everywhere. In Elastic Path we found a company that also believes very much in this vision and has been in the market for years, just coming at it from a slightly different angle.

Together, we all observed a trend long before the broad market and had the faith to take that step and it is now being rewarded. Our solution is being ratified more broadly and with more broad ratification comes investment and support and all the other things that one likes to see as the technology and space matures.

It’s also nothing but great news because, where acquisitions go wrong is when there isn't good cultural or vision alignment. That’s just not the case here.

There will be no departures in the roadmap, no departures in vision and no tenant in the acquisition that one piece of the technology will be used, and the rest thrown away. The case here is a doubling down on a shared vision and alignment. On delivering the best and only product in the market that de-risks the microservices strategy for everyone. 

We’re now at a time where the platforms that were designed to only serve one or two use-cases with commerce and not to go outside of that are reaching their end-of-life because, brands want, and need to go outside of that into the next phase of growth.

We’re just getting started on this new journey, and along with that, the new kind of commerce solution we have created by joining forces with Elastic Path is about to hit an inflection point. As one, we are all very excited to be with you on the road ahead.


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