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May is Flows Awareness Month

Last updated: 17 Jun 2019

Flows is one of the most flexible and powerful features you can use on the Moltin platform and we want to make sure you understand just how much you can do with it. Therefore *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* we’re dedicating May to be Flows Awareness month. Keep your eyes peeled throughout May as we share best practices and how to make the best use of our signature feature!

In a nutshell, Flows allows for any type of customization you would like to do on your project.

You can add additional detail to your existing resources like Products, Orders, Carts, etc., but you can also create new resources to add new features that are not yet a native part of the Moltin API. Sounds more complicated than it is, we promise!

So here’s what we have planned for this month of “Flowbundance”:

  • Blog posts highlighting the importance of Flows and what you can use them for.
  • Revamp of the Flows product page to be more explicit as to why you’re missing out if you’re not using it.
  • Updates to the existing documentation on Flows to be more user-friendly and adapted to all levels of programming competency.
  • New guides walking you through specific scenarios in which you can use Flows to your advantage.
  • AMA on Flows so that you can have a chance to ask any Flow-related question you might have. Set a reminder. 
  • Live coding sessions so that you can follow our developers and code along some wicked Flow-wise project.