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Top tips for NRF Big Show from our CEO Jamus Driscoll

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019

Moltin is excited to be exhibiting at NRF Big Show booth #4265.  We recently wrote about how to prepare yourself for the show. We thought it would be helpful to also to have our CEO Jamus Driscoll share some advice about how to have the best show when you get there.


The List:


Learn, connect, and share

Come into the event with this philosophy and you will get the best learnings and meet the most interesting people.


Wear sneakers

The expo hall is huge and you will be walking all day between sessions, keynotes, and events.


Have a game plan

Create the game plan before you day one. Who do you want to meet? Where you want to go? Use a map. Do not think you will figure it out before you get there. NRF does have the floor plans published. It is best if you do your homework before you hit the floor.

With that being said, budget some time for walking around with no agenda. Amazing what you see and who you meet. Free form walking around always come up with some of the most significant learning.  

You will be amazed!


Bring breath mints

You will be talking a lot.


Endurance is the name of the game

Bring a water bottle. It is hard to find bottled water and they are expensive at the conference center. There are water coolers around the center that you can refill your bottle. Staying hydrated will give you longevity.

Bring Power bars / nuts / snacks!


What to pack

Backpacks better than bring briefcases and bring your business cards.


Follow Twitter at the show

Follow Twitter and hashtag #NRF2019. You will find events, trends, themes and have a great time learning from who is online.


Listen to your surroundings

  • Listen for themes throughout  - are those themes relevant to you?
  • General trends are usually right - what is right for you?
  • Seeing a lot of themes - You will see and hear consistencies when you talk to different people and companies. Do you want to follow the same themes and trends?
  • Is it something that matters to you?

Visit the top retailers at the show

Visit the exhibits for at least 3 top retailers and try to see what doing it best looks like. Also, watch how they showcase their customers.


Leave it at the Door

Leave your competitive angle at the door. With more defensiveness, you will not learn enough.


Always ask: What are you working on?

New people and old friends alike.  Always ask what’s new, what are you working on? Who is influencing their thinking the most? Who is shaping their opinions? What are they informing them? What are you reading?


Back to my first point: Learn, Connect and Share


So we want to know, what are you working on? Book a meeting with Jamus and we can chat.

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