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Experience xCommerce solutions for retailers to reinvent commerce at NRF 2019

Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
Moltin will showcase a magic mirror, mobile self checkout, IoT buttons, and have an open bar at booth 4265

Moltin, the only Headless Commerce Platform for builders who require flexibility, speed, and control, will be showcasing the latest in xCommerce solutions for retailers to reinvent commerce, live at booth 4265 at NRF 2019.

What is xCommerce? Today’s consumers are finicky. They demand engaging commerce experiences, both in store and online. Their loyalty is fleeting. xCommerce use-cases are emerging as the best way to deliver engaging commerce experiences that delight these finicky consumers. xCommerce experiences bridge digital and in store experiences, and extend beyond the traditional eCommerce browser experience -  spanning mobile, kiosks, next gen PoS, IoT experiences, connected homes, cars, voice, AR/VR, and many other innovative use-cases which will usher in the next wave of commerce and enable better consumer engagement.

  • magic mirror where consumers can seamlessly try and buy merchandise
  • mobile self checkout where consumers can skip the line and checkout via an appless experience
  • IoT buttons that embed commerce into new consumer touchpoints
  • open bar where you can pre-order your free drink via our mobile self checkout solution
  • the coolest t-shirts at NRF
  • Amazon echo giveaway

About Moltin

Moltin provides the only Headless Commerce Platform with DataFlex, for commerce builders who require flexibility, speed, and control, and won’t settle for cookie-cutter commerce experiences. With DataFlex, you have the ultimate level of flexibility at your fingertips to customize and orchestrate the data structures, logic, and workflows for your entire commerce stack according to your unique business requirements. Moltin enables you to build and deliver the most innovative commerce experiences, fast.

Moltin was created to enable the future of xCommerce and is focused on the ever-changing pace of consumer behavior. If you’re looking to supercharge your digital commerce strategy and be one of the 2019 retail winners, we would love to chat with you about how Moltin can help. You can start a free trial or get in touch with a solutions specialist at Moltin.com

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