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Last updated: 24 Jun 2019
When starting to build an online store, deciding what eCommerce platform to use is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Building eCommerce can be hard…

Many downloaded platforms are feature packed; but simple updates become a minefield of time, resource, and money. They need their own servers and hosting solutions, have huge codebases, archaic file structures and not to mention maintenance issues when running different versions and add-ons. A lot of these platforms promote themselves as being ‘free’ to use - with the complexity of the system and long learning processes, these actually become costly when it comes to the time needed for training and development.

Cloud-based solutions have tried to alleviate some of the maintenance issues of the downloaded platforms but they come with their own restrictions, particularly extending the platform with features beyond their core offering.

We make it easy

After years of experiencing these problems ourselves, we wanted to overcome the constant headache developers were facing every day and turned to an overlooked methodology in eCommerce; the API lead approach. 

For those of you who don’t know, Moltin is a cloud-based eCommerce solution that takes every action you would typically find inside an eCommerce platform and turns it into an API call (e.g. get product, add product to cart, process order etc). It includes eCommerce functionality such as inventory, shopping carts, checkout flow, and payments.

But what about APIs on other platforms?

For other eCommerce platforms, their APIs are built alongside their main offering for plug-in/add-on development - not specifically application development, meaning you can’t do every action you need through their API.

Why we’re different

We provide the customization and flexibility of downloaded solutions with the speed and ease of use that cloud-based platforms provide.

1. Start using the API in five minutes

With our SDKs and quick-start guides, it’s easy to get up and running. Using our building blocks, you can start integrating eCommerce functionality, such as inventory and order systems in minutes, to new or existing websites and applications.

2. Work the way you want

Whatever language, design, third-party integrations or features you want to use, Moltin makes it work beautifully on any device, at any scale.

3. One centralized back-end

You can create and run multiple front-ends with Moltin which connect to one centralized back-end.

4. Extend everything

You can extend or create new datasets to add custom functionality with our EAV system ‘Flows’ and listen for events as they happen with webhooks.

5. Make it yours

With no restrictive themes or templates, designers have complete creative freedom.

6. Launch faster

We’ve seen projects launch in a few days built on Moltin that would have typically taken months.

What this looks like:

Below you’ll find what it looks like to get a product, add an item to the cart, checkout, and process a payment.

var product = moltin.Product.Find({slug: 'decorative-hedgehogs'});
var item = moltin.Cart.Insert(, 1, null);
var order = moltin.Cart.Complete({
gateway: 'dummy',
customer: {
first_name: 'Jon',
last_name:  'Doe',
email:      ''
bill_to: {
first_name: 'Jon',
last_name:  'Doe',
address_1:  '123 Sunny Street',
address_2:  'Sunnycreek',
city:       'Sunnyvale',
county:     'California',
country:    'US',
postcode:   'CA94040',
phone:      '6507123124'
ship_to: 'bill_to',
shipping: 'free_shipping'
var checkout = moltin.Checkout.Payment('purchase',, {
data: {
number:       '4242424242424242',
expiry_month: '02',
expiry_year:  '2017',
cvv:          '123'

For a full guide on SDK installation, authentication and a full checkout flow in a range of different languages check out our getting started guides.

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