Have your say with community-driven development

Last updated: 30 Mar 2017
Since launching version one, we’ve heard many great ideas from our user base and some of those made their way into development and general availability. Going forward, we would like to make this process more structured and transparent.

Today we are opening up our suggestion forum where you can submit ideas that you would like to see us implement. You can vote on other ideas from the community too, which will influence our development roadmap.

We have an extensive internal roadmap of features and functionality we would like to add to the platform in version 2 so we’ve started by seeding the forum with a few of our own suggestions to get things started. Based on this, and input from our team, we’ll be creating and releasing a public roadmap soon.

Please note: We won’t always be able to implement all ideas, but we think this gives everyone a way to contribute and discuss the direction of the platform’s development.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you all ask for!