Buying fashion straight from the catwalk

Last updated: 15 Sep 2016
With more and more pressure being up on brands to sell as soon as they launch new products, we’ve taken a look at the future of buying from the catwalk.

High-end brands have, and still do, spend time promoting their latest fashion collections for the upcoming season well in advance of actually launching the products. More forward-thinking brands are starting to realize the impact of letting customers buy from the moment it’s shown on the catwalk to bring a sense of reality to the shows and create a ‘see now, buy now’ strategy. This comes as a result of brands creating collections so far in advance they don’t have actual products ready to sell. Which, unfortunately for them, gives low-end retailers the chance to produce ‘knock-off’ versions of their creations sooner, and at a cheaper price, than the real thing.

People are impatient. We all know that if you can’t buy it now, you forget about it, or just go and get a cheaper alternative elsewhere. Although people might like the idea of that $2,000 dress, if the luxury brand hasn’t had the chance to release it, and a high-street store has a product almost identical, people will be more inclined to go and get it there, rather than waiting.

With access to so many media channels and opportunities to buy now, customers expect to be able to see something and get hold of it there and then with no delay. This is completely changing the usual behavior of brands, whereas before it involved showcasing on the catwalk and then a four-month wait before releasing their products to consumers.

At the moment, the fashion world is leaping to push their products on their website immediately for purchase after shows. However, many brands are yet to understand that it doesn’t have to stop there.

Shoppable catwalk

For some time now, Moltin has been thinking of ways to make it even easier for customers to buy from their favorite catwalk collections. We want to cut that corner of seeing something and then still having to go on a device and search for it. With an eCommerce API, anything is possible.

As long as it connects to the internet you can buy and sell from any device.

Imagine trying on the newest ski-suit and being transported to the French Alps without moving. Just being able to envisage how it looks and feels and then having the ability to make a purchase at that exact moment in time. This is a much more compelling experience for your customers than trying something on in stuffy, uncomfortable changing room surrounded by mirrors and bad lighting.

We want to allow your customers to be transported to a place where they can experience a product and make that purchase seamlessly.

Moltin is the driving force for the innovative and exciting future for the world of commerce in VR and beyond and we’re excited to see it evolve.