Jamus Driscoll

Jamus Driscoll
Chief Executive Officer

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ROI and Innovation: The New Chicken and Egg of Commerce

As a company out there on the innovation curve of commerce, Moltin quite often finds itself working with business teams doing their best to trade off two competing priorities: deliver the needs of...

author Jamus Driscoll - 22 Jan 2019

Top tips for NRF Big Show from our CEO Jamus Driscoll

Moltin is excited to be exhibiting at NRF Big Show booth #4265.  We recently wrote about how to prepare yourself for the show. We thought it would be helpful to also to have our CEO Jamus...

author Jamus Driscoll - 28 Dec 2018

Want better marketing results in 2019? Focus on better storytelling

What’s your story? When I meet a client, that’s the first thing I want to know. Obviously, the client’s objective is to sell a product or service. But in order to do that effectively, they need to...

author Jamus Driscoll - 20 Dec 2018

[Podcast] The "3rd wave of commerce" by Omni Talk and Jamus Driscoll

Omni Talk sat down with Jamus Driscoll as part of their podcast spotlight series to discuss what the future of commerce looks like.

author Jamus Driscoll - 25 Sep 2018

Farewell “OmniChannel!” Hello “Experiences!”

A curious thing happened at Shoptalk 2018, the retail industry’s old buzzword “omnichannel” was almost nowhere to be seen. It cropped up here and there in speaking session headlines, but for the most...

author Jamus Driscoll - 10 Apr 2018

You ain't seen nothin' yet

For 12 years, as an executive at Demandware, I had the privilege of having a front-row seat in the ever-evolving theater of digital retail. From the emergence of cloud infrastructure to the...

author Jamus Driscoll - 27 Feb 2018