Adam Sturrock

Adam Sturrock
VP Customer Success & Co-founder

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eBook: Headless eCommerce 101

Everything you need to know about Headless Commerce

author Adam Sturrock - 23 Apr 2019

SEO for headless-powered eCommerce websites

Online search is a vital part of the customer lifecycle. As stated by Forrester Consulting, 71% of consumers in the US use a search engine to discover new products, brands, and services. And even if...

author Adam Sturrock - 05 Apr 2019

The Commerce Graph

In this post we discuss the basics of graph theory, what it means, how this applies to commerce, why it matters and introduce the concept of “The Commerce Graph”.

author Adam Sturrock - 27 Feb 2019

Why Moltin chose Boston

With an $8 million Series A and U.S. launch in the rearview, Boston is where we’ll spread the culture of our Newcastle founders, expand our Stateside operations and grow our team.

author Adam Sturrock - 09 Apr 2018

Introducing your community hub

We’ve just released a new community hub, dedicated to supporting all of you!

author Adam Sturrock - 25 Jul 2017

The new community forum is here

This week we’re introducing our new community forum.

author Adam Sturrock - 25 Jul 2017

The secure JavaScript cart

You can create a secure, feature-rich eCommerce storefront using only client-side JavaScript.

author Adam Sturrock - 26 Apr 2017

Have your say with community-driven development

Since launching version one, we’ve heard many great ideas from our user base and some of those made their way into development and general availability. Going forward, we would like to make this...

author Adam Sturrock - 30 Mar 2017

What's new in v2 part 1

With version two development well underway, we’d like to share the first set of major new features that will be shipping later this year.

author Adam Sturrock - 23 May 2016

Version one long-term support

Following last week’s announcement about the development of Moltin version two, we want to confirm our plans for version one and how it will be supported going forward.

author Adam Sturrock - 16 May 2016